Sophisticated and realistic

Future Financiers is head and shoulders above other simulations in the following respects:

Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) Replicate some of the spectacular (and not-so-spectacular) IPOs.  Let students fall in love with that new internet stock that skyrockets to success.  How long will it rise?  When is the time to cash out and collect your profits?
Mergers & Take-overs We read about company mergers and take-overs all the time. What happens to the stock of the acquiring stock, and what of the company that soon becomes a division of the larger?  Even the rumors alone are enough to set off a round of speculation!
Dividends Income stocks are a good investment for their dividend income. They may not boast the large gains of speculative stocks, but they are safe investments and the income from dividends is steady.
Stock Splits As a stock price goes higher and higher, the prospect looms of a stock split. The price is cut in half, but shareholders double their holdings automatically. Twice the shares, twice the reward! Of course it's twice the risk as well...
Short Selling  The old adage of "buy low, sell high" works only when a stock is on the rise. What happens when it falls? Perhaps the strategy, "Sell high, buy low" might come in handy. Of course it comes at great risk. What happens if the price doesn't drop?
Stop Loss Imagine the frustration of watching your prime investment plummet while you wait to get a broker to sell.  Stop-Loss spares teams this anguish, allowing teams to lock in gains, or prevent significant losses.
Stock Collar For the conservative investor, a zero-cost collar minimizes the risk by guaranteeing a loss of no more than 5%, but at the cost of guaranteeing a gain of no more than 10%  While some investors like to swing for the fences, a stock collar is a choice for an investor content to hitting lots of singles.
Guaranteed Interest Contracts With so many attractive stocks, there never seems to be enough money to invest! Perhaps a loan... Teams may opt for a Guaranteed Interest Contract whereby they receive money from an investor in exchange for a guaranteed return. If their investments return higher than the interest rate they've guaranteed, it's a nice profit.  Of course if they don't...
More Stocks

Why limit investments to just 26 stocks when you could have dozens? Raise funds from local sponsors by selling ticker symbols. Plus there's over 100 existing fictitious symbols like Jungle (online retailer), Multisoft (PC software), Orange (maker of the oPad and oPhone), Webflix (streaming movies and DVD rental) and Zoople (search engine).

Market & Sector Trends Even though the market is booming for tech stocks, banking stocks might be taking a beating. While the overall market is rising, supply concerns may be dragging down the entire energy sector.
Real World News

What happened to Apple when Steve Jobs died?
How did the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico impact British Petroleum?
When Netflix changed its pricing, how did subscribers react?
When Enron's accounting practices were revealed, what happened to it and its auditing firm?

All of these real-world events are a part of Future Financiers, giving students an opportunity to learn from history rather than hold portfolios doomed to repeat it.