Online Events - Stock Prices


The left side of the Online Status Screen shows all stocks in the game and their current price.  In this example, stock AMP (Ampere Mobile Power) is selling for $112.92 per share.  This is an increase of $2.86 since the last trading day (a 2.60% increase). It's all-time low is $34.75, and it's all-time high is $112.92.  Because it is at its all-time high, the number appears highlighted in green.  If the stock is at an all-time low (see JVP), the price in the low column appears in red.


You can get additional information on a stock by clicking on it's symbol.  For example, clicking on AMP brings up the following screen:

In this screen, the top contains biographical information about the stock such as its symbol, company name, current price and a short write-up about the company.

Underneath is a chart showing the stock's performance over the past 10 turns.  In this example, you can see on Day 55 the stock was selling for approximately $97.00 and has trended mostly upwards slightly since.

Underneath the chart are the news events that have impacted the stock.  In this example, on Day 44 there was news of a new hybrid car battery.

Finally, there is a day-by-day breakdown of the stock.  In this example, on Day 64, the price was $110.06, an increase of 13 cents (or .12%) from the previous turn.  In addition, 90 shares were purchase (by 1 buyer), and 2,626 shares were sold (and two sellers).