Delegation - Trade Execution Specialist

Regardless of how your team decides what trade to make, it doesn't matter until it is handled by a floor trader.  The Trade Execution Specialist's job is to make sure the team's trade is processed correctly.

It isn't an easy job.  Each floor trader is surrounded by a sea of others trying to get their trades executed.  Your Trade Execution Specialist must be able to get the trader's attention, give them the order clearly and concisely, and report the results back to the team.

Sometimes a trade cannot go through.  Perhaps the price has risen and the team cannot buy as many shares of a stock as they thought.  The Trade Execution Specialist must be able to adapt quickly to make sure the team is able to purchase the stock, even if isn't for as many shares as hoped.

Reminder: The floor traders are volunteers who've taken time off work (some without pay!) to help bring you this event.  They deserve your respect at all times!


Key traits for Runners:
* Attention to detail - the runner must remember the order EXACTLY, communicate it to the floor trader, and report back to the team.  Hint: Many teams find it helpful to write the order on a sheet of paper!
* Assertive - there will be a lot of people looking to get the trader's attention.  The runner has to be comfortable in a crowd and not let others jostle him/her out of position.
* Clear and loud voice - the traders must be able to hear and understand the trading order above the noise.