Dividend Dates - Some examples

On February 2, XYZ Corp. announces a $2 per share dividend with an Ex-Dividend Date of February 9 and a Payment Date of February 14.

Adam already owns 1,000 shares.  He keeps his shares and on February 14, receives $2,000.

Briana buys 500 shares on February 5.  She keeps her shares and on February 14, receives $1,000.

Chelsea buys 2,000 shares on February 8 and sells them on February 9.  Since she owned the shares before the Ex-Dividend Date (Feb 9), on February 14, she receives a dividend of $4,000 even though she sold them a day later.

David buys 1,000 shares on February 9.  Since he purchased them on or after the Ex-Dividend Date, he receives no dividend on February 14.