Confirming the Stock Price

Stock Prices are always changing.  Buyers and sellers need up-to-date price quotes to know the amount they'll need to spend to buy a stock or expect to receive for selling the stock.

Drew's bank offers brokerage services, so he brings his stock certificate down.  Working with the broker in the bank's office, he finds out TNT is selling for $20 a share.  He's very excited, not only because he bought the stock at $7 a share and made a nice profit, but because the $10,000 he'll earn from selling his stock will help on their down payment.

Meghan sets up a brokerage account online, so she can trade stocks through the internet.  She deposits her remaining money into the account.  With a little over $10,000 to invest, she decides that 500 shares of TNT is a good starting point for what she hopes will be a growing portfolio.