Meet our buyer...

This is Meghan.  She just got a big bonus at work - less than a year after starting her job in Livermore, California.

She's used her bonus to pay bills, upgraded to a new computer and still has some money left over.  She decides to invest the extra money.

Researching online, she decides to invest in T-Nine Technologies after reading about their new fiber-optic cable that is twice as fast as existing fiber-optic cable.

Meet Joe, his wife Emily and their new baby Audrey.


Joe owns 500 shares of stock of T-Nine Technologies (TNT) that he purchased a few years ago.  He's happy with his investment, but now that he and Emily have started their family, their apartment is starting to feel small.

They've found a nice home in Milford, Pennsylvania and Joe has decided he's going to sell his stock and use the money for a down payment on a new house for their family.