Future Financiers is unique in that it offers two kinds of events:

Live Events

Bring the noise and chaos of the New York Stock Exchange floor to your community! Imagine a room full of hundreds of exciting students screaming desperately for the attention of a floor trader to process their transaction. See emotions run from despair to elation often in the span of just a few minutes. Watch the impassioned debates among teams as they decide whether to buy, sell or hold a position.

Remote Events Time, location and logistics a problem? Schedule a remote event! Students compete against each other from their classrooms, each conducting their own electronic trades to build their portfolio against opponents across the room, the city, the state or even the country!


The software and platform is extremely robust.  At a live event in late October, our software supported a live event of 134 teams and 3,999 trades in just 60 turns.  In a remote event several months earlier, our software supported a competition between three colleges, each miles apart on their home campus.